Current Career Opportunities: Gustan Cho Associates

Gustan Cho Associates currently has the following career opportunities for our Orland Park, Illinois offices as well as offsite satellite locations throughout the continental United States. We are currently accepting applications for new loan officers, experienced loan officers, team leaders, and sales managers. At Gustan Cho Associates, we are passionate mortgage and real estate professionals with one goal in mind – make our employees, clients and business relationships our priority.
All new hires who are in the NMLS mortgage licensing process will be sponsored by the sponsoring lender and are subject to corporate HR employment screening requirements such as background checks and credit checks and other requirements.

Benefits With Working At Gustan Cho Associates

One of the greatest benefits working with The Gustan Cho Team @ Gustan Cho Associates is the full marketing support we provide all of our licensed mortgage loan officers. A loan officer will never be short of borrowers at Gustan Cho Associates. The marketing department of Gustan Cho Associates, headed by Peter Bieda,  will provide and custom tailor individualized marketing programs to each loan officer. Our in house web designers/developers and marketing support team will custom design and create each loan officer with a optimized website and help brand each loan officer names. Gustan Cho Associates has a nationwide co-branding and co-marketing programs with realtor partners. There is no cold calling required. Gustan Cho Associates does not just offer solid qualified leads: Gustan Cho Associates offers its loan officers mortgage borrowers who have been contacted, qualified, and scrubbed with income documentation provided as well as credit pulled.  Loan Officers at Gustan Cho Associates will never have to worry about lack of work.

The Gustan Cho Team @ Gustan Cho Associates has a nationwide reputation of not having lender overlays and being able to close loans where other lenders can’t. Our mission is to help one borrower at a time. Most lenders will tell a borrower who does not qualify to come back a year or two later once their credit improves. At Gustan Cho Associates, our loan officers will evaluate each borrower’s credit and financial profile and borrower’s who need some credit fix will be advised and counseled on how to improve and raise their credit scores and/or the loan officer will refer them to our credit repair consultant partners, Credit Fix AdvisorsAlmost every borrower who makes contact with us becomes not just borrowers but lifelong friends. Our mission and goal is to treat every borrower like family. Borrowers are not like other types of consumers. Borrowers provide their loan officer every bit of personal financial information such as two year tax returns, two year W2s, paycheck stubs, bank statements, letter of explanations, bankruptcy/foreclosure documents if applicable, divorce/alimony paperwork if applicable, social security and/or pension awards letter if applicable, and other extremely private personal information. Gustan Cho Associates realizes the importance of the faith and trust our borrowers give us so all of our loan officers are committed to be on call 7 days a week to be available for their borrowers via email, text, or phone call.  If you want to be associated with a group of loan professionals where the main goal and mission is to give each borrower the best customer quality of service and the best customer satisfaction they have experienced, Gustan Cho Associates is the organization for you.

No Lender Overlays

Mortgage Loan Originators with The Gustan Cho Team @ Gustan Cho Associates have very little to no overlays and go off DU and/or LP FINDINGS.  Your automated approval via the Automated Underwriting System is your loan approval as long as the borrower meets all the conditions from the automated findings. Loan Officers with The Gustan Cho Team @ Gustan Cho Associates are experts on FHA,FHA 203k, VA, USDA, Conventional, Jumbo Loans. A typical home purchase or refinance mortgage loan will close in 30 days or less.  Minimum credit scores for 3.5% down payment home purchase FHA loans is 580 FICO.  Mortgage loan officers at Gustan Cho Associates help borrowers with an incredible selection of options when it comes to home financing. No appraisal, no credit score, no income verification FHA Streamline with no closing costs are one of our most popular loan programs. Over 70% of borrowers Gustan Cho Associates represent are borrowers who could not qualify at other lending institutions due to their lender overlays or last minute loan denials. The Gustan Cho Team @ Gustan Cho Associates number one goal is to tailor these options to every borrower need based on their individual circumstances and goals.

Loan Officer Career Opportunities

Job Description

If you are willing to learn and make the dream of home ownership a reality to home buyers or help homeowners refinance their high interest rate mortgage loans to the lowest rate available, then working with the professionals at Gustan Cho Associates is the place to start your new career as a mortgage loan originator. As long as you have prior sales or management experience or are a currently a licensed loan originator, we are interested in speaking to you.  The ideal candidate will possess a positive, upbeat attitude and have the ability to communicate well with those needing assistance in obtaining a home loan. All of our new mortgage loan originators succeed and a senior mortgage loan officer is assigned to each newer loan officer for training and marketing support.  If you are interested in a career and are not licensed, we will direct you to the right path in getting your federal and state mortgage loan originator licenses.
Steps In Getting Your NMLS License And Starting Career As A Loan Officer With Gustan Cho Associates
1. You first need to register with the NMLS and get a NMLS ID number.
2. You then need to find an NMLS approved pre-licensing school and register and enroll in a 20 hour pre-licensing mortgage loan originator course.
3. The 20 hour pre-licensing course can be done online or in a classroom. Upon completion of your 20 hour pre-licensing course, you will then be eligible to take your federal NMLS mortgage loan originator examination.
4, Once you pass your federal NMLS exam can now apply for your individual NMLS state licenses. Each state has its own licensing requirements and the costs and fees depends on each individual state. Each candidate applying for an individual mortgage license for a particular state needs to go through a background criminal investigation as well as credit check and financial background investigations. No felony conviction in the past 7 years. Any criminal convictions involving fraud and/or theft will be reasons for denial of a mortgage loan originator’s license.
5. Many think that just because they have bad credit that they will not be able to get a NMLS mortgage loan originator’s license. This is not the case. Each state have their own standards on an applicant’s credit requirement. The most lenient state where you can qualify with little or no regards to credit such as having outstanding collection accounts, charge off accounts, and judgments are California, Illinois, New Jersey, Florida, Ohio, Kansas, Alabama, and Virginia. Wisconsin, Texas, and Connecticut do have tougher requirements on credit where the regulator may require that you have a written payment agreement on outstanding collections, charge offs, and judgments. Bankruptcies and foreclosures does not disqualify a candidate of getting their NMLS mortgage loan originator’s license.
What regulators are looking for on MLO applicants with bad credit is that the license applicant does not have total disregard of credit. Once you have passed all phases of the state licensing process, the state will issue you the NMLS state license and can start originating loans. Upon getting an approve/active status, new mortgage loan originator’s can start training and originating loans.

Manager And Team Leaders

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